Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MGOCSM's Service Motto

MGOCSM’s Service Motto

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement of the Indian Syrian Christian Orthodox Church is the oldest Christian Student Movement of Asia. For MGOCSM, service essentially mean service to the needs of fellow students. Hence giving them educational aids, scholarships and providing educational infrastructure are important types of services. Other forms of alleviation of felt needs of students and the poor in the society are also warranted service to be done by Christian students.

The World is now on a fast track of
1. overpopulation,
2. destruction of man’s habitat and eco-system through over consumption by the rich, and
3. Increasing inequality in the income distribution and wealth between rich and poor individuals, regions and nations.

These trends started to emerge with the Helsinki International conference of 1974. It called for a paradigm shift from government initiated Keynesian demand management economic policies intended to sustain full employment, to increase in World productivity through free trade and globalization. The growth of IT industry and interconnectivity of the World enabled outsourcing of production stages and processes resulting in phenomenal rise in production and income throughout the World.

Free trade and globalization decreased poverty, but increased the inequality. The market system could not help the skewing up of income into the hands of the few rich and accentuation of the inequality and the injustice of it. Hence inclusion of all in the process of economic development is the modern cliché.

Population explosion has proved to be a manageable menace as proved by the European experience and the Kerala and Tamil Nadu achievements over the last 3 to 4 decades. Even the destruction of ecosystem will be tamed when man go through more bad global warming, water scarcity and air pollution. But the increasing inequality is not such a controllable evil. World Bank Report of Mac Namara at the end of Second World War to the latest UNO Development Reports, made the clarion call to the rich and developed countries to set apart a small portion of their domestic product for development of the Under Developed Countries and eradication of world poverty. But it had no effect so far.

In the ultimate analysis the inequality between individuals, geographical regions or nations must get reduced for the wellbeing of mankind. Man cannot be happy when his fellowmen are suffering. He cannot go to Heaven without them.World sustainability demands alleviation and abolition of poverty and inequality.Governmental prescriptions and rules cannot solve this issue of increasing inequality. The mind of man must get changed. No wonder that all religions evangelize that service of one’s neighbour is serving God. In other words practice of Universal brotherhood of man is recognition of the Universal fatherhood of God.

The skewing up of income into the hands of the very few in the World are so blatant and unpardonable that it is the duty all governments, corporations, NGOs and individuals to fight against this malady...
The richest 5% of the World’s people have incomes 114 times those of the poorest 5%*
20% of the population in the developed nations consumes 85% of the World’s goods*

It is knowledge that makes a man free to withstand all kinds of discrimination to pursue his own income and happiness. So providing education to all is important. Illiterate and poor should not be there in the society to be discriminated, excluded or marginalized by others from the main stream. Giving educational scholarship hence is the important service that MGOCSM can and does perform. In fact in recent years MGOCSM has taken up this work in a massive manner. It is hoped that in due course the funds at the disposal of MGOCSM to give educational scholarships to the needy in the society will assume higher proportions to make service motto more significant than others.
* UNO-Human development report 2002
* UNO- World development report 2000/2001