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Prof. Joseph K. Alexander, Chairman, IIPA KRB.
Economic growth is not mere quantifiable increase in GDP or PCI, but also changes in the modes and mores of production, exchange and distribution of economic goods and hence, the life style of the nation.  Increased Investment in infrastructure is the basic need for rapid growth. Lack of it is the real impediment of capital deficit developing economies. Dependence on FDI is imperative. FDI (capital) is international coming for investment.

 Y= C+ I+ G+ (X-M). Y= GDP= Consumption+ Investment+ Govt. spending +X-M (export income –import payments). X-M can become positive by more export of goods, or human resources (remittances by our NRIs) or FDI. In this FDI is net of outward and inward FDI. Net positive FDI in effect is an injection of foreign income into the production processes of the host economy. Increase in NRI remittances is also an injection into C or I of host economy. Both will increase demand for the factors of production. Employment and income will get increased impetus. A multiplier increase in income is set in motion. This new impetus cause a chain of growth till it peters down as a ripple in a pool of water. Broad money velocity of (Re) in India is 20.3. FDI of US $.10.1 billion can create US $. 211.12 billion new income in India. Hence all developing countries welcome FDI. China registered phenomenal growth in the last few decades with FDI. In fact they outstripped USA in the first half 2012 in receiving FDI of US $ 59.1 billion against USA’s 57.4 billion.

FDI in USA is FII (Portfolio Investment: stocks & bonds). Confidence in their dollar makes surplus funds all over the World to escalate into USA as safe deposit. This money through financial intermediation of NBFI percolates into corporate industrial enterprises and props up new production and Industrial growth of USA.
In colonial days Britain used FDI investment in the Indian colony to cause economic drain of our resources and wealth into England. Anti-colonial ideology and fear still linger in the minds of some who refuse to open their minds to the new trends and methods of globalised World. They oppose and show hair splitting arguments to show up dangers of FDI like that of Wall Mart in retail trade, insurance, and such areas. Their intrusion sidelines the unorganized masses. They lose their employment & income. This is true to an extent.
This anxiety is due to ignorance and fear of the unknown. All economic activity is for the expected future income. So there is risk. You may fail or may not get the reward you expected. Let us open our mind to the phenomenal growth achieved by China in the last 40 years by pole-waltzing using the FDI pole to jump over the developed world countries.

Economic growth essentially means changes in the methods of production. Old are given up for the more efficient new methods. We moved for power from the water wheel to steam engine, to electric motors, and to solar energy and atomic power. In this process all employed in the old methods lost their employment and found new work in the new technology based activities. This change over agony is inevitable in every new birth of anything including new technology. It is elimination of the uneconomic methods and induction of more efficient new one and hence cheaper goods. Employment and income all over the World has only increased by these changes of modes of production.

The Mom-Pop shops and corner retailers are intermediaries who thrive by increasing the price of goods as retail margin. This makes goods costlier. Retail chain intermediaries increase price of goods.

Supermarkets on the other hand induce vertical chain production from raw materials to finished goods under one roof. Often they do it for themselves like the LuLu Supermarkets of our Yusuf Ali. The massive production with raw materials & intermediate goods & services procured from the cheapest corners of the World and using large scale economies of production make goods cheaper and of better quality. International integration of production processes make retail price less than that of the Mom-pop shops. Those who oppose this new production processes are short-sighted and against economic growth. Do they have some vested interests in retaining under development?

The massive capital movements and flow of raw materials, of intermediate goods and human services across international borders augment production and income all over the World. If any country isolate itself from this, for preserving their old worldly mores and modes of production they will become marginalized (like Old Burma) and remain under developed.

In India Dr. Man Mohan Sing opened the economy for FDI in 1991 under FEMA. Then FDI was less than US $ one billion’. True he was cautious in restricting it to limited industries and a low level of 24 % of those corporates. Gradually he increased this share with great restrictions. This shows his attempt to appease the opposition and his democratic ways. Now because of consistent current account deficit due to heavy imports POL and Gold compel India to seek more opening up for FDIs to cover the deficit. Now, after USA, India and China are the two higher FDI receivers. India received US $. 13.7 billion in 2012 and 10.4 billions in the first half of 2013. Estimate of total stock of FDI in India in 2010 was US $ 1911,000 million (UNCTAD) and 71,226 million (by CIA WORLD FACE BOOK).

India’s economic growth of the last two decades is proof of the pudding. Despite our restrictions on FDI entry and special care of the marginalized, we increased our GDP and PCI many fold of what they were in 1990. Similarly the increase in the Annual growth rate of Kerala from3.5 % of 2000 to 10.6 % of 2007, or rise of PCI from Rs. 21,548 of 1999 to over Rs.  51,000 in 2012 also prove this. In Kerala increased NRI remittances triggered the boost of our GDP and PCI. This is the economics of FDI.


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By Prof. Joseph K Alexander

The Indian Institute of Public Administration theme paper prepared for its Annual conference in Oct 2013 before the signing of the Food Security Act on12 th Sept 2013 analyses availability, accessibility and nutrition (absorption) of the food by the 1.3 billions of India. Since independence in1947 the cereal production in India increased from the 50 m.t to 245 m.t per annum and increased food availability.  This reduced poverty line (calorie consumption) from around 60 % to 25 %.of the population. Production of pulses, oil, dairy & poultry products are still far below the consumption standards in developed countries. The Green Revolution days saw increase in Investment in the Agriculture sector. The wide spread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides polluted and also depleted the fertility of the soil .The decrease in yields decreased the investment trends in Agriculture. Net result is recent deceleration in the growth of the Agrl sector.
The increase in economic growth and income of the people increased their accessibility to food. The universal PDS since 1960’s helped the poor also to have some food. The New Economic policy of 1991 changed the PDS to TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System) to reduce its financial cost. World Bank imposed it on us as a condition for aid. This not only siphoned food ration to black market but also reduced availability of food to the marginalized. It also increased the administrative cost of the Ration system.
Regarding the nutrition level of the food intake of the marginalized poor, the school children, girls, pregnant and nursing mothers and infants are deplorable.
In view of the above observations the India Food Security Act 2013 is a bold jump into the financial quagmire of revenue, fiscal and current account deficits of the country.  The cost of the scheme is estimated to be Rs.1.30 lakh crores per annum.  
Nevertheless the Act is a positive move to answer the lacunae in the food security system. It’s provisions: subsidized food grain a right for 67 per cent of population; Act offers rice at Rs 3, wheat at Rs 2 and coarse cereals at Rs 1 per kg to the poor; Antyodaya Anna Yojana will be given 35 kg of food grains p.m.; Pregnant women and lactating mothers would receive maternity benefit of Rs 6,000; Children aged six months to 14 years will get take-home rations or hot cooked food; etc are good.
Yet I am worried
1. In quantity constrained Indian economy supply of Govt. services are always far less than their demand .Corruption is inherent. The subsidized food is siphoned off into the black-market. The officials, ever greedy politicians who want funds for election campaigns and the food needy public will make the Act a mockery
2. The Act is a hurried ill prepared political move to face the impending election
3. The country will not be able to bear the heavy subsidy. It will be difficult even to raise funds by internal or external borrowing. The TPDS itself was costlier than PDS system. Now we have to specially cater the APL. BPL but also the special Andyodaya groups, school children up to 14 years old,  girls, pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants, who all require special provisions. The administrative cost of identifying these categories and weekly catering them is going to be herculean task involving heavy cost.
4. The multi-party coalitions with their fluid alignments-based competitive politics make each coalition group that come to power to make it a point to please their ranks. So everyone in power like ek-din-ka-sultan vies with one another to please his rank and file. UDF and LDF coalitions also do the same. Politicians in power prompt their mob caucuses to organize show of samarams, jathas, sit-in-strike etc to hoodwink the public and grant their request. Gibbons in his book “Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire" gives ten reasons for Rome’s decline. Of them one is the enormous excess expenditure to please the patrician mass of Roman citizens. Our Indian democracy also is tending towards to be a mobo-cracy of mounting subsidies and doles leading to heavy revenue deficits. Mrs. Thatcher, the new Prime Minister faced a similar situation in England and saved the country by drastic cut of such expenditures. Unless we do the same we may soon face the Roman situation.  These are some issues to be solved.


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World Peace

Summary of a speech by Prof. Joseph K. Alexander at “Towards establishing a Department of Peace in Sovereign states” discussion on 3rd March 2006 at Press Club Hall  Trivandrum organized by Indian Institute of Public Administration and Gandhi Media Centre and Centre for Gandhian Studies, University of Kerala. He is an Economist and chairperson of IIPA Kerala Regional Branch
Pre- Society man.
Man is a social animal. Individually he is a bundle of unlimited material and immaterial wants: a self-seeker, a fighter with any to satisfy his wants. His whims and fancies drive him to many escapades. So his life in the Pre-society stage was “brutish, nasty and short” The cave man used to do whatever he thought was good to him. Hazlitt in his essay “On going a Journey” says that if you are alone in a train compartment, you can do whatever you want: to go naked, to dance or even stand on your head. But if there are others in the compartment, you cannot do these things. There are hundreds / thousands in the society including the environment demanding opportunity for self expression, protection and preservation.
Post-Society Stage.
When one becomes a member of a society, there are a lot of rules to obey. Basic nature of social life is desoverignised individual. He gives up a part of his absolute sovereignty or freedom to the society, so that the society can be formed and man can live peacefully together. The Social contract theory of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau highlight this aspect. Man in his different facets of life is a member of different social organizations. As a political animal, he has to obey the laws of state, as member of the religious group he has to keep the commands of the religion, as a member of the club he has to keep to the rules of the club and so on. In other words peaceful existence in social life warrants self-control and obedience to the relevant rules and practices of the organizations of which he is member. Self controls make man a free animal to do whatever he wants inside his orbit. So he escapes even inadvertently hitting the neighbor’s nose with elbow.
Globalised World.
With the onslaught of information technology and modern methods of mass communication the whole world has shrunk to a tiny ball. We come to know whatever and whenever anything happen in any part of it. In this globalised world, peaceful existence demand obedience by all States or nation states to the rules of co-existence. In other words each nation has to have self-control and respect for other entities. Thus world peace can come about only when each individual, each family, each society, and nation-state impose self discipline, respect the rights of other similar social and political units and keep the rules of the game of world peace.
It is the imperfections and inadequacies of the present day social life that led many visionaries to dream about alternative ideal society and how to organize it. It is the concept of perfection inherent in human mind juxtaposed to his imperfections that prompted thinkers to imagine about a better social structure to lead homosapiens to a happy, prosperous and peaceful life. These dreams were social, political, economic, religious and whatnot.
Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia, Plato’s Ideal State, Marx’s Communist society, Gandhiji’s Grama Swaraj, Buddhism of Guthama Budha, Maha Vir’s Jainism, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and God’s (Moses) Ten Commandments and love thy neighbor as thyself, Bhgawat Githa in Ramayana are all examples of these dreams..
Self-restraint is the precept.
All these dreams have this basic approach. Man must restrain his instincts of absolute sovereignty for the sake of peaceful existence with others. Respect and recognition of the rights of one’s neighbours is the essence of social life.
Attempts to bring international Peace started lately with the Peace Bureau originated by the peace Congress in Rome in 1891. A number of pacifists groups aspired for a peaceful existence
But the militant imperialists brought the First World War. At the end of it the World agreed to create the League of Nations to end the World war forever.  The old Peace Bureau was given a decent burial in this League of Nations.
Even the League could not bring peace. Various peace movements that sprang up to counter the spirit of militarism even before the First World War specially spearheaded by the socialists also professed the peace move. But these very socialists were forced to abandon their professed ideal during the Second World War when they aligned with allies to defeat Germany and its Axis powers.
UNO. The end of the Second World War brought about a number of international organizations like the World Bank, IMF and The United Nations Organization to end the War forever. USA led the world in these organizations as champion of world peace.
Meanwhile the cold war between the West and the East led by Soviet Union ended with the dissolution of USSR under the leadership of Gorbechov and his glasnost and perestroika.
The question was must the post -cold war international system evolve according the play of power and interests of the nations? Would the bipolar world eventually end in uni-polar world led by UNO or would it fragment into a multi-polar-system with new threats and issues on ethnic and regional terrorism and violence?
If we look at the world after 1996, the prospect of world peace in a uni-polar system is bleak enough to create disbelievers.
In the Middle East the Palestinian-Israeli conflict remains unsolved. In the former Yugoslavia wide scale fighting between Serbs and ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1998 later forced Milosevic to accept a peace plan. But the issue still simmers, though he was extradited to Netherlands.
In Northern Ireland the Belfast agreement in 1998 was signed by Ireland and Northern Ireland. The issues of decommissioning the para-military groups continue to undermine the agreement. The British Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 on a formula of “one country two systems’. But now China is forcing Taiwan to endorse one China policy. In 1998 India and Pakistan started a series of nuclear tests despite the opposition of nuclear powers. On the other hand the two Koreas have agreed to cooperate
Economic globalization brought benefits and cancers. The IMF, WB and WTO are now considered by the underdeveloped countries as machines to exploit the weaker nations of the world.
These all show how difficult it is to bring about peace.
A mere opening and operating a special department of peace in U N O or wherever else cannot do much in bringing world peace. It can serve at best as an educative process towards world peace.

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Your 90th year worry and questions raked my brain. Here is an attempted answer in three parts.
Sending you the first. Rest I shall send later.

Recently I met a woman from USA. She is the daughter of an agency aiding the Mar Gregorios
Rehabilitation Centre (MGRC), Trivandrum, of which I am a founder member and a Vice
president. She came to oversee our work. Her original roots are from Vakathanam near
Changanachery. Incidentally I asked her in our person to person talk “In which church you go”?
She said “church? I do not”.
Then I changed the subject.
This is the new fashion of the new civilizations of the West: European and American. Some
others imitate. This is an attempt to pose before others that one is logical, learned and modern
than Einstein and most of the scientists.


Man is born with a bigger brain and reasoning mind than other creations. His inquisitiveness
questions everything. The champions of individualism like Immanuel Kant, Hegel, Karl Marx and
others argued that individual conscience or reason is the only moral rule. Reasoning and
conviction by one’s senses alone is truth and anything other is untrue. This enquiry made man
to unravel and discover some of the secrets of nature. The scientific progress, the industrial
revolution and modern amenities of life resulted. This is the positive achievement of this
reasoning-journey of man.

Despite his high intellectual abilities man is still an ignoramus, puny and frail creature against
the still undiscovered ocean of knowledge (God), and devastating ability of nature. The
scorching sun, fire, water, floods and Tsunamis, thunder and lightning, mountain heights and
extreme depths of the sea, the falling heavenly bodies that crush earth’s surfaces, biting insects
and wild carnivorous animals make your impotency against them fearsome. Man was and is in
continuous fear of death. Realizing the might of these natural phenomena the primitive man
adored and worshiped them. Thus the sun god, wind god, mountain god, river god, serpent god
and other nature-gods came to be worshipped. Fear of death is the origin of religion.

The concept of an all-knowing superpower mightier than him is inherent in man. It originated in
him before his birth. It is an intellectual input. It is part of him. He has both body and mind. In
fact there are two elements in human being: cosmic force and spiritual force. His body is
composed of elements of the universe like water, air and earth. With death the body
disintegrates into these elements. Spiritual force originates from God. Where to go?
The soul is the individual. It is part of the Universal spirit. It is part of God. Its desires manners,
habituated likes and dislikes are all performed by the body. The body is the vehicle that carries
him—his mind, spirit or soul.

The body and the mind (soul) are two different things. They come from different sources.
While body is part of the cosmos, mind is part of spirit that comes from the spiritual force, Viz;
God. Mind is eternal, unique, and independent of body and is free. Body obeys the orders of
the mind. Body helps the individual (soul) to perform the manifestations of the soul. The spirit is
the mind of man performing through the brain and its executors: the hands, legs and different
parts of the body. The existence of mind (soul) is truth.

The intellect of the mind has an inherent capacity to differentiate and discard bad or unwanted
things. The mind (soul) has an innate ability to recognize evil, opposed to good. It has a natural
ability to evade the evil, though some overcome this tendency by habit, heredity or nature of
endowed genes. Similarly the body inhales air, receives oxygen, discards carbon dioxide or
ingress food, accepts its nutrition, and discards the waste.

The spiritual forces do not die with the body. Mind, memory and sense perceptions linger a
few more moments or time and slowly escape from the earthly body. Men believe that the spirit
separated from body linger for some days (forty), in the ambience of its former life. This belief is
from early times. We continue the rituals of death even in post modern society.
This mind from the time the child is conceived in the womb adds information to its already
existing genitival endowments (genes). This gene structure undergoes a slow process of
acquiring new behavior patterns through new habits, experiences and knowledge it learns in life.
This may make it more or less good or devilish. At the time of a new birth in the family the
reformed genes pass on to the new-born. The character, manners, beliefs, sum total of your
experiences in past life are passed on through your genes to the next generation. Science calls
it heredity. Hindu religion calls it successive rebirth of the soul to escalate to its creator through
a series of rebirth to higher and higher forms of life. Bad or devilish manners earned in previous
life are reborn as devilish pigs, buffaloes and base creatures. Good experiences of the soul is
reborn as cows, men of lower castes and then as Kshatriya and later as Brahmin in the caste
ridden society and finally moksha in God.

There are three views about life after death. With death everything ends. After death the body
disintegrates and the eternal soul passes on to the next generation. The third view is that with
death, soul pass on to an eternal life with God or eternal damnation.

The atheist or the non-believer has no more information than the believer. The absence of proof
is not proof of absence. So the atheist's denial of god, spirit or life after death, like the believer's
affirmation of it, is ultimately a faith-based position. 

In my view a rational being, -- most of us--cannot escape from our inborn feeling of finiteness and limitations when compared to the SuperPower; more just, good, perfect, knowledgeable, strong and ever existing being than us. That superpower created the Universe and its well ordered and minute structures and courses. You may call itGod or any other name. I believe that I am part of it. He is in me and my soul is part of HIM

Part 2/3


Who created the Universe?
Over time man started thinking of the origin of nature and of these mighty forces. Who created
the stars, planets, galaxies and the ever expanding firmament? Who masterminded the perfectly
ordered structure of the Universe and its replica; the minute atom? The protons and neutrons of
the atom and it’s still smaller elements also circulate in their orbits in the same orderly fashion
as the planets and stars of the Universe. The gravitation force keeps them all without head-long
collision and destruction of the Universe The big-bang theory was an attempted answer. But
who caused the big-bang? The answer was the WORD, the sound of the monotheistic God of
Judaism, Christianity, Islam Hinduism and other religions. This was a change from the many
nature-gods to Adwaitha and one-god theme. Man was discovering God. He was not
inventing, as poet Vayalar imagined; but only discovering the already existing God, This God is
the supreme creator of everything. He is perfect and complete knowledge pitted against the
imperfect man of finite senses and abilities. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He
has no beginning and no end. He is knowledge, truth and hence infallible. His perfection on
comparison makes us finite men, imperfect and sinful. The finite with its limited abilities and
reasoning cannot fathom the infinite.

Many things we simply believe without experiencing them with our senses. Our senses have
only very limited abilities. We cannot see something distant from us-say a mile or two away.
We cannot hear sounds or words uttered some distance away. We cannot touch anything
beyond our reach and so on. So we have to believe others who have experience of them.
Thus it is faith in what others say that makes us believe of its existence. Soul, spirit and God are
such ideas. Those who have experienced them speak of them. We have to believe them. Try for
this experience. You may or may not get at it. It is faith that gives it to you.
The concept of good originates from God. He alone is good. Hence the imperfect man is
ungodly and has evil. Thus while God is perfect and good, man is imperfect, evil, and sinful.
Man can aspire to become perfect like God. This is what Jesus taught us by His life, death and
Christian belief is the -Nicene Creed. It is our profession of faith
1. We believe in the triune God--Father, Son and Holy Spirit-- the creator of everything.
2. Christ incarnated from God as man born of Virgin Mary for our salvation from sin
3. Was crucified in the days of Pilate, died and resurrected after three days
4. We believe in the one catholic church and Baptism is the method to absolve us from sin
5. We are looking forward to the second coming of Christ to gather all of us to His kingdom

The basics of Christianity are a way of life to be one with God. Its rules are for a new social
order for peaceful co-existence of man with Universe. It is the Kingdom of God brought to earth.
The essence of Christianity, we learn from the Bible (Old & New Testament) and teachings of
our Church fathers, past & present. Four ideas emerge:
1. Universal brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God. Love everyone and everything
as yourself.
2. The kingdom of God is at hand; (St. John the Baptist’s and Christ’s teachings). Repent for
your sins and enter into the Kingdom
3. .Life is the true measure of values to mirror Christ to others. And
4. We are Stewards of Christ entrusted with the mission to spread this Good News.

This concept and goal of Heaven was necessary for a workable social order. Man is a
social being. All creations of God, man, animals, plants and trees, fish and birds live in suitable
locations on earth where nature provide them facilities for life. Each group agglomerates to
suitable places and live together. Each social group can peacefully exist together only if they
accept and adopt certain minimum rules for their society. Love is the basic rule for all. Love in
society like gravity in cosmic system can exist only when there is another entity to love or
gravitate. When all the men love one another and everything around as him and share what he
has, there will be peace and happiness in social life. One may call this society Heaven. It is
Universal brotherhood. Buck Minster Fuller uses the term CYNERGY for this love or gravitation.
All entities in the firmament gravitate and pull each other. So none can move away from its orbit.
In the same manner if all the creatures on the planet (now 6000 Planets) love one another as
itself, there will be peace and happiness in all social lives in the Universe. Practicing CYNERGY
can bring Heaven into the Universe and among men.

Part 3 of 3

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Does life end with death?

Death is certain. Belief in life after death is Universal. Rationalists with their Hegelian
individualism, highly limited abilities and senses try to find proof of life after death. Failure makes
them to convince themselves by arguments.

Religions have different views about life after death. There are two kinds of death: death of
the body and death of the soul. With death, the body disintegrates to cosmic elements.
(Christians believe that at the second coming of Christ it regroups to take an ethereal form and
will be in the presence of God). When we commit sin we go away from God and the soul dies.
The Old Testament gives us this idea that sin cause death. Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying
God. So they died and passed on to a dark godless world; the deepest part of the World of the
dead. .Is.14:15. Ps.88:12 says that the land of the dead is all darkness; In Job.10:21-22 It is
land of darkness shadows and confusion where light itself is darkness. Hebrews believed that
life after death is life away from God. Ezk. 18:14; 31:16-17 .There is eternal darkness. It is

The dead souls of this dark land are only dormant. They can hear, see and respond.
(1.Sam.28:15). Dead dormant Samuel was disturbed by Saul to get his opinion; God do not
want man to die in sin and be there in darkness forever. He wants man to repent and come
back to life. (Ezk. 18:23).

Christ showed that through baptism the soul resurrect to life from sin and death. Christian
baptism is the method to wash the sinful soul to accept God and enter into the Christian life.
Death is baptism to emerge into life. You die to resurrect. Christ received death on cross and
came back to life. He willingly accepted death on cross to destroy Satan and his sinful ways to
save the entire humankind to the Kingdom of God. The Adamic sinful soul enters the church of
believers and life though repentance and baptism. Christ resurrected and entered in glory to
Heaven. Death is preparation to eternal life in Heaven.

Life after death in paradise is dormant but alive. Jesus said (Mt.22:32) I am the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob and not of the dead. At. Mt. Tabor Christ conversed with Moses and Elijah who
lived on earth long ago. Disciples saw them. (Mt.17:3).This is evidence that souls are live and
become active. The parable of the rich man and Lazar in Lk. 16 clearly explain this. In his
writings, St. Paul says that the soul after death goes to Jesus. (Phil.1:23). Jesus will take back
those souls who die believing in Him. (Thes. 4:13). Similarly St. Peter says in I Pr. 4:6 “Christ
died and went to preach among the dead.” In Lk. 22:43. They were alive to hear Him. Christ
promises to the criminal crucified with Him “today you will be with me in paradise”. All this prove
that life after death is, active, receptive to Good News and is capable of repentance and
admission into Heaven. So we are bound to pray for our kith and kin who are dead and waiting
for the second coming of Christ to resurrect and go with Him to Heaven. Let us pray for your
husband Baby, Kunjena Uppappan, Elayamma, Pullucat Valiappachan, Aleyamma Ammachy
and all ancestors.

Sages of yester years were raking their brains about what happens to men after death. All
religions now believe that there is life for the soul after death. In Christianity the early fathers
believed that the souls who believe in Christ at the time of death will go back to God, its creator.
There is thinking that man has three lives: human life, life after death in paradise and then life
in Heaven with God on the second coming of Jesus. Those who do not believe in Jesus at
death will pass on to Hades. These souls are also live and receptive. So Good News and
prayers for them can make them also go to Heaven, or rejected by Christ and go to hell.

Don’t we pray for our children when they go through a fever, a public examination or any
trial? Our live parents pray for us. The dead past parents in paradise or Hades or in Heaven or
Hell also are praying for us. Intercession to God on behalf of our partner, children, friends and
those who seek our prayers is natural to all of us. We all intercede to God for them .In
Christianity we seek intercession of St. Mary the mother of Christ. The most repeated “Hail
Mary” prayer is solely a pleading to her to pray for us at all times and at the hour of our death.
In the OT (Old Testament) the kings, prophets and priests were the mediators between man
and God. (Joel 2:17: 2 Sam 24:17; etc). The classic example of mediation is of Abraham
pleading to God to save Sodom from destruction. (Gen.18:16-23). God conceded to that
intercession and saved Sodom at that time. 

In N T Christ is the most powerful intercessionist. He is constantly pleading to God to
forgive our sins and protect us from perdition. By His death on the cross He bridged the gap
between God and us sinners. Rom.8:34 say Christ “is at right hand side of God, pleading with
Him for us”. All our mediation by ourselves, priests, saints of the church or our dead parents,
kith and kin: all go through the one mediator Christ. Christ has promised, (John.14:13).that
whatever you ask in my name, I will do it “so that the Father’s glory will be shown through the

In Orthodox Church most part of the Holy Qurbana and all Koodasa are intercession to God.
In Protestant Churches also prayers are all intercession to Christ. The major difference is that
they do not pray for the dead. As seen above .all the souls of the dead are alive, receptive and
active. They are all waiting for the second coming of Jesus to be saved into the Kingdom of
God. They will all resurrect at Christ’s second coming. We the living who believe in Nicene
Creed (We all believe) also are awaiting the second coming. Thus we are one community
(separated by the death curtain) waiting for Christ. We are all praying to save us in His second
coming. The dead whether in Paradise or Hades, are praying to God to save their living sons
and daughters just like we praying for our parents. Intercessionary prayers can be and are done
both by the living and the dead. So prying for the dead is as necessary as praying for the living
kith and kin. A more attractive feature of death is that we are going to join with all the hoards of
our relatives—our appachans, ammachys, brothers, sisters and all cousins at the second
coming. I hope to meet you there. So please pray for me also so that I can be with you all.
Death is birth into a new world of all of us from Abraham to tomorrow’s generations. It is great
reunion to celebrate and enjoy, bliss: Heaven.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Greatest Reality show ever staged

God created the Universe. Why? To have objects for His cosmic love. God’s Synergy wanted release and objects for reciprocal love. Creation is pleasing. It is pleasure; Happiness. After each creation God found it good and pleasing.

What about biological evolution? God’s creation does not deny the modern big bang theory or biological evolution. Biblical six day creation is simplification for those times when it was written. It is evolutionary creation. Creation is continuing. The big bang reverberation continues. Universe is an ever expanding phenomenon.  New things are emerging; coming to our knowledge. Recent discovery that besides earth there are not 3000 but 6000 habitable planets is an eye opener.

Adam’s sin is the curtain raiser of the show. Disobedience displeased God. Sinner must bear the consequences. Adam was banished from Eden. Adam and Eve lost the constant companionship of God. Yet God loved His creation and his later generations intensely. No wonder, He incarnated as Man to go through all sufferings to crucify Man’s evil and salvage him from sin on a permanent basis. This is not so simple. Peter denied Christ and later repented. He saw the glory of resurrection. But Judas did not wait to see. He went and hanged himself. Repentance is the key to be with God.

Why God allow man to sin? War, plunder, adultery, wickedness, lust for neighbor’s house or wife, stealing, murder, idol worships including of money, greed, over exploitation of the earth, destruction of environment and consequent  floods, earthquakes, famine, epidemics are all against the commandments of God.  Knowledge and self consciousness drive man to sin. He exercises his free will. God has no role in it. Man does it on his own. Satanic Eve’s-like persuasion helps.

There is a view that man is born with a definite purpose.  Every individual moves on a pre-destined trajectory. It is his fate. This will imply that God create evil. This is not true. God created man in His own image, likeness and free will. God is spirit (John 4-24). Man is made in the spiritual image of God. Man is not evil. Man’s knowledge-arrogance commits all crimes.

If it is fate, there is no provision for repentance and salvation: the quintessence of the Bible and teachings of the Church fathers.

Reality show starts with Adam. His future generations continued Adamic sin of disobeying God. God sent His emissaries and prophets one after another to warn or punish man. Men repented many a time and God always forgave them. He yearned for His synergic objects. Finding emissaries ineffective in abolishing the recurrent sin, God sent as the last resort His own son Jesus to them. The reality show escalated to its climax.

He, born in a manger of Virgin Mary and Joseph, a poor carpenter, was an historical person. God became man like any other. He lived for 33 years among them teaching them and as a model of good life. 

In His last three years it was a consistent show of overcoming evil and defeating Satan. He relieved all kinds of sufferers who were slaves of Satan.  Physical and mentally deformed souls got relief and food to lead a better life. His words and care for the suffering under-dogs was relief for all marginalized. He was showing the modalities of  bringing heaven –a new society-- in the World of men of sins. He even invoked His Godly miracles to feed the multitude or to give back life to Lazarus.

God in other religions also incarnated as man, but in pre-history. Jesus was born during the reign of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar and when Herod (BC 37- 01) was ruling Jerusalem. There was an occasion. Emperor ordered a census to impose new tax for increasing the revenue. Qurinius the ruler of Syria implemented it. Pilate was the governor. Joseph and Pregnant Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem their home town for enumeration. She delivered Jesus in a manger. This is a well recorded history.

The show came to its climax in the crucifixion at the time of Emperor Tiberius (14-37 AD) in 33 AD.  Jesus lived it.  His vicarious suffering for extricating man of his Adamic sin at birth was the biggest reality show ever staged anywhere. The weight of the wooden cross he carried made him to fall inviting more flogging.  Soldiers flogged and thrust a crown of thorn on Him. The affliction sliced and shred his flesh from the bones. The fourteen stations of the Via Dolorosa on His last day as man was mind chilling to the weeping underdogs in the accompanying crowd. Finally they crucified Him alive. This was the most dastardly reality show ever staged. Sin of man in him suffered all this and died. The God in Him twisted the crown of thorn into victory of Easter. He resurrected from the dead to show that man can overcome evil permanently. This is the glory of Easter.