Thursday, September 17, 2015


Kanianthra family has been living for over five centuries from 1450 AD in Mepral. Many families claim descent from the four converted by St. Thomas around 50 AD. Without concrete proof, we cannot make such claims; though there is a tradition that we of the Kanikulath Illam of Kodungallur, probably scions of one of the four families, migrated to Niranam. Our tradition we rely is conversion of a Brahmin illam at Idinjillam earlier or around- latest 10th century- and we migrated to Niranam due to ostracism by fellow Brahmins; and still later to Mepral in 1450.
Their income were paddy and coconut of Mepral properties. In course of time, agricultural income became inadequate to support the growing family needs- traditional & modern. We gave up agriculture due to political based trade union activities, changes in land owner-labour relations and wage increases. Kanianthra members with English education went out in 1940-50’s into the wide world. Most of them did well in different parts of the world. There are hardly six or7 families now left at Mepral.
Kanianthra family has certain emulate able traits running through generations. Mothers who rear up kids please inculcate these ideals into them
1. We were, God-fearing and played prominent part in the affairs of our Church (MOSC) against foreign dominations. It is evident in Niranam Grandhavary- a view, Kanianthra Achen, (Thommy Chandy Kathanar) originator of the Pallath Branch was its author.
2. Another which distinguished our family in the earlier social history was generous, kind and just treatment extended to untouchables and labourers, who suffered deprivations in the caste –ridden past. An interesting anecdote about vadukas and Kanianthra Ninan Chandy Tharakan bears testimony to this
3. The respect, honour, and obedience given to parents is another trait of us. More important side of this coin is the sacrifices rendered by our parents in giving English (modern) education to children

4. Another is the respect given to women. Our parents are partial even to a fault to their daughters. Equality girls enjoy at home with boys develops their potential. No wonder they become valuable and respected assets at home and in families they go as brides. Pullucat valiappachan’s dictum “Anapurathu irikunnavale patty kadikathilla” Anecdote about Pattaseril Chellamma Kochamma is relevant.